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Pole Fit Tuition – Group and One to One Sessions. Levels; Beginners

Public Demonstration and Performance – on Aerial Hoop and Pole. Ryan can be booked as a solo or doubles artist or as part of a group act.


Previous to delving into Wolanski’s Pole & Aerial arts, Ryan participated in American Football and trained with the Scotland under-18's flag team. He's still an avid skier, and tries to get away whenever possible to throw himself down mountains. Joining pole fitness was "a great way to get back into exercising, and has done way more than the occasional forced gym visits ever did". Having studied sporting leadership, which contained elements of coaching and mentoring, Ryan now applies this knowledge while mentoring students. "It's always a hurdle, when you're starting something new. But when you start to notice your body is able to do things you never would have thought only weeks before, that's when you know you're doing something right".

Ryan has been attending classes for over 2 years now and is the newest addition to our aerial team. His favourite piece of kit is the pole due to the physical demand it brings, along with the large opportunities for innovative new moves and combinations. In his time with Wolanski's, he has already made his way onto the stage at the Macroberts Arts Centre as both compere and as a performer. He has also recently completed his first solo performance at Falkirk Football Stadium and aided the team at Edinburgh Zoo for demonstrations to a crowd of 2000 people. His biggest achievement so far with the business has been providing the main narration for the Fixers Pole Perception video in 2013. The video helps educate how pole fitness benefits those who embrace it as a sport. 

What you can expect to learn from Ryan

If you’re new to the world of pole fit Ryan will aid you with your introduction by guiding you through beginner spins, climbs, inverts, lifts, tricks, poses, and transitions. If you are looking to target specific muscles he can demonstrate and teach core conditioning moves to help with your physical goals. Ryan’s friendly and relaxed personality will make even the most hesitant of participants feel at ease. He believes his sense of humour gives him an edge over our other instructors. We shall let you judge…

Ryan’s Tutorial & Workshop Costs:


Private 1-2-1 Tutorial: Class Length: 1 Hour: £30 per head

Private (2- 3 persons) Tutorial: Class Length: 1 Hour: £20 per head

Private (4 persons and more) Group Tutorial: Class Length 1 Hour: £15 per head