Class Information

All of our weekly timetabled sessions are pay as you go, with no block bookings or deposits needed just come as often or as little as you like. Space must be reserved ahead of class times as they are limited per session. Some classes can fill up weeks or months in advance.  If your preferred session is full we can place your name on a reservation list and contact you as soon as a position becomes available. The classes are designed to be flexible to fit around irregular shift patterns; babysitting duties etc. so if you know in advance you are unable to attend a session simply inform your instructor and they can make a priority reservation in advance to ensure you do not lose your spot.

We offer discounts for those who do more than 1 hour per week: A 2nd hour is £6 and a 3rd hour or any additional hours are £5 - those hours can be taken back to back or split over different classes; days; locations; times; and venues provided it’s within the same week then your discount applies.

Anyone who is aged 15 years and younger are charged £6 per hour for the first 2 hours and a 3rd hour at £5

Time Table

Grangemouth Time Slots* - Monday 6pm, 7pm, 8pm Tuesday 7pm, 8pm Wednesday 6pm, 7pm, 8pm, 9pm Thursday 7pm, 8pm

Stirling Time Slots* - Tuesday 6pm, 7pm, 8pm, 9pm

* Please note the above are our fixed session times, however the studios are available outwith these hours. Advanced booking for all sessions is required.

Booking a class
To book a class you can contact us via our contact form on this website; visit our Face Book pages or you can call or text – 07932336826. For more information on classes visit our FAQs page here.

Cancellation Policy:
Please Note; we make our classes as flexible as possible for people and as we operate a pay as you go system it is important we have more than 48 hours’ notice where someone cancels allowing sufficient time to fill the space. Any cancellation made over 24hrs but under 48hrs is subject to a £5 per head per class fee; those under the 24hrs are subject to the full class fee per head per class. Future bookings cannot be made until the cancellation fee is cleared. If you have pre-booked classes in advance and cancel one of your sessions; your first hour that week is charged at the normal first hourly rate of £8 due to it being your first teaching hour.

Those cancelling out with the 48hrs are NOT subject to any fee and may change class as often as required provided we have the space.

Until any cancellation fee is cleared your space is NOT guaranteed for the following week. Classes are more exclusive and priority bookings always go to those who are presently at the class.

Private Tutorials & Group Tutorials
Private Sessions pend on your instructor and type of private class required. Please visit our Hire Us section for costs.