Miriam has blazed a trail with her pole fitness classes, opening the first dedicated pole fit school in Scotland, welcoming males and females with no age restrictions.

Since then she has trained in a variety of aerial disciplines and is now teaching and developing many other aerial arts. Miriam holds all relevant professional insurances and has received athletic sponsorship from Poletrition and SUMO Therapies.

With over 13 years’ teaching experience; qualified with B.Sc. (Hons) Biological Science; Xpert Pole and Fitness Professional Certified; Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) and Sports Injuries First Aid Certified, you won’t find anyone else more competent or qualified for you to dabble in the aerial arts with…

Also known as ‘The Machine’, Miriam founded Wolanski’s Pole & Aerial Fitness in early 2005. Miriam is a full-time aerial instructor, part-time free style dancer, model, entertainer, and event organiser. Miriam is interested in developing new handspring and shoulder mount sequences; she gets a big kick out of strength moves. She also enjoys anything which involves plummeting at a rate of knots to the floor. She is always working on her own inventions and strives to bring something new and inventive to the pole and aerial community. Miriam teaches an average 12 hours per week and racks up a further 10 hours per week on her own training. During show rehearsals time spent training can be anywhere in excess of 30 hours per week.

Miriam loves the diversity aerial work gives you for creating insane combinations and its ability to express yourself. 

“Teaching and performing has given me so much freedom for expression. There is no other sensation like that of flying. People rarely get to take what’s in their heads and turn it into reality and that’s what we do here.

We never dismiss an idea; if a student has something they wish to grow and develop then we are here to nurture that no matter the insanity level; it’s what makes our fitness classes unique to anywhere else”.

Miriam says the best part about teaching is seeing how her participants progress and how they interact together as a team. She consistently collects her own data and is researching the benefits of aerial work; specifically the benefits of pole fitness.

Miriam works alongside many students who choose to select pole and aerial fitness as part of their assignments, essays, and research programmes. She actively helps participants with their core topics and has many students covering pole as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Awards.



“You gain so much from the sessions; not just physically but emotionally and mentally too. You are not just exercising but learning an art. I have watched many of my students gain confidence and new friends. Aerial is an extremely fun and beneficial sport to take up. I know that it needs to be incorporated into schools and other educational institutes to help encourage people to do more exercise. There is so much potential surrounding it”.
— Miriam Wolanski


Miriam was born in Scotland but decided to name her business after her Polish grandfather Kazimierz Wolanski.

"We were extremely close, and I miss him lots, but he taught me well. He was a very fun, intelligent, giving and strong person and those are the characteristics I base my classes on. Participants are taught in a friendly and safe environment. They are encouraged to help each other and learn a new art while having fun."

Miriam wishes to thank all her participants and for those who work hard in the background to help with equipment, show preparation, and rigging. “The work involved is monumental and I want everyone involved to know that it’s never taken for granted. In particular, thanks to Karolina Wolanski, Martin MacKay, and our Rigger Mortis!”