Flexibility & STRETCH

Weekly Class: Tuesdays 7pm - 8pm Cost: £7

Private Tutorial: See Instructors - Hire Wolanski’s Instructors Section of Website for Costs. 

Full Body Stretch

These classes are suitable for everyone and are designed to increase overall body flexibility. They include a range of Dynamic, Static, and Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Stretches (PNF for short). We can test your flexibility at the beginning and end of each session and advise those students who attend every week to keep a record of their results to see how far (literally!) they have come. The class improves flexibility and strength within ligaments, muscles and tendons giving you an increase in joint mobility.

At class you will learn moves you can perform on your own, as well as assisting others with stretches. You will learn good spotting techniques as you become more aware of your own and fellow participants bodies, knowing when to increase or relax the intensity of the stretch.

Splits Training

Looking to develop splits? Be it box or scissor splits our flexibility sessions will aid you on your way. It is important to remember that to achieve the splits (or other maneuvers such as back splits, crabs, etc.) you must work through a range of muscle groups collectively. We will help pin point where extra work is needed and suggest stretches for you to perform regularly throughout the week outside of class. It should also be noted that some people may never obtain particular maneuvers due to the mechanics of the body. In other words you can go as far as your skeleton allows. Many people are physically capable of achieving scissors splits (squared/un-squared) but box splits may in some individual cases never be achieved due to the structure of their hips – the ball and socket joint can inhibit the full range required for box split.

We will endeavor to achieve your targets whilst keeping your safety at the forefront of our minds. If you have any concerns please feel free to contact us and speak to one of our friendly instructors.

Private Flexibility and Private Group Tutorial

As with all of our sessions you have the opportunity to book one of our instructors for private tutorials. Just let us know where you are with your flexibility and we can recommend who in our team is most suited to help you progress.

Pole&Aerial Specific

Some of the moves at Pole&Aerial classes demand a varying degree of flexibility. If you have particular moves in mind that you would like to achieve but lack the flexibility, simply talk to your instructor who can advise and focus on particular movements. With private and private group tutorials your flexibility tutorial can incorporate aerial apparatus to facilitate your goal.


There are no prerequisites to these classes. They are suitable for all- including those who have no pole or aerial experience. Participants can be any age, shape and size. Don’t worry if you feel like the least flexible person in the world! We love a challenge and you will soon be enjoying your new found suppleness.