Frequently asked questions

Q. I am worried I’m too heavy for classes. Do I need to be a certain shape/size/weight to take part?

Answer: Where pole fitness is concerned the short answer is No. The pole equipment for example has a recommended weight limit of 18 stone. Often the poles will have more than this on them during double performances. What is important is to consider the manner in which it is used. Having someone at 18 stone climb or perform conditioning moves will not take the poles down. Having someone at 18 stone , for example, charge at the pole will increase both the force and how it is applied; this could cause collapse. It is always important to listen to and follow the teacher’s instruction.

Where Aerial work is concerned: Aerial Hoop; Silks; Rope etc, it really depends on your current state of physical fitness and your weight relative to other factors such as height and shape. As a guideline we recommend that you should be able to do one pull up in order to mount the equipment.

As with the pole, it is important at all times to listen to your instructor and only use the equipment as directed. Anyone misusing the equipment will not be allowed back at class. The anchors and all equipment are industry rated but have guidelines on the loads they can take and the manner in which those loads are applied.

If you are unsure at all we recommend trying pole fitness first - you can still exercise using the pole without having to initially lift/suspend your body weight, and while at class we can advise if and what aerial equipment would be suitable for you to use.

Q. What is best to wear to pole fitness?

Answer: The usual gym clothes are best. Shorts are preferred to maximise skin grip, with a vest top and trainers/bare feet. If you are uncomfortable about wearing shorts for the first few lessons then you can wear jogging bottoms or leggings. We recommend bringing a pair of shorts with you so you have the option to change.

Most materials are suitable but please avoid: Denim, Leather or PVC – these will restrict movement and hinder performance.

Q. What is best to wear to Aerial Class?

Answer: For Aerial work and Acrobalance, neat fitting clothes will work the best. Items such as: leggings/under armour and a long sleeved top are ideal so that you can move freely around the equipment. Thick knee high socks are recommended. Please do not wear your best clothes - items can get snagged and worn on the equipment.

Q. What is best to wear to Stretch and Flex class?

Answer: Loose fitting clothes will be ideal to ensure you are able to move freely and be comfortable throughout the class. 

Q. How much do classes cost?

Answer: This depends on what class you are attending. The regular pole and aerial fitness timetabled sessions are at £8 pay as you go with no block bookings or deposits needed just come along as often or as little as you like. Spaces do need to be reserved ahead of time since spaces are limited. We also offer discounts for those attending more than 1 hour per wk. A 2nd hour is at a cost of £7 and a 3rd hour at £6. Your discount also extends to all of our different classes and venues. Any specialised classes and workshops will have price details along with the individual session information.

Q. What happens if I need to cancel a class?

Answer: If you give us more than 48hrs notice there is no charge and you can amend your booking to another time that suits you. Under 48hrs notice is subject to the cancellation policy.

Q. What is the cancellation policy?

Answer: Yes we have a 48hr cancellation policy. If you cancel with under 48hrs notice but more than 24hrs notice the charge is £5 per hour booked. If you cancel under 24hrs notice it is at a charge of the full class fee. For those who have pre-booked multiple hours in the week it is important to note that if you miss your first class and attend your 2nd hour booked that week the cost for your class is still £8 as this is your first teaching hour of the week and discounts are only given from when you attend each session. The cancellation fee must be cleared before any other bookings can be made. Payment can be made via BACs or you can hand it in to our studio.

Q. My shifts change on a regular basis; can I still attend?

Answer: Yes all classes are pay as you go so provided we have the space you can change your days/hours/times and venues to suit yourself. The classes are designed to be flexible and fit around your timetable.

Q. How do I book?

Answer: You can book a class via this website by sending us your preferred class; day; time and venue. Or you can contact us via Facebook or on: 07932336826 by calling or texting. We will endeavour to get you into your chosen class. If your preferred class is full we can add your name to the waiting list and contact you as soon as space opens up. Those at class are given priority bookings; failing to cancel a class or simply not showing up will result in participant’s omitting their space and the regular space is not guaranteed for the following week.

Q. I have an appointment/going on holiday and worried I lose my regular spot at class?

Answer: Don’t worry if you give us advanced notice we will honour your booking and save your space in advance for your return back to class. Giving us notice means we can temporarily fill your space while you are away and allow others to know when the spot is full again ahead of time.

Q. What should I bring along to class?

Answer: Bring along a towel and a good sense of humour! You are more than welcome to bring water but no fizzy juice or caffeinated drinks are allowed.

Q. What should I expect when coming to class?

Answer: On arrival you will have a disclaimer form to fill and there will be a mandatory warm up with stretches at the beginning of each class before commencing work on the equipment. Nearing the end of the session there is a cool down period with stretches to help prevent muscular strain and facilitate recovery after exercise.

Please note: Due to health and safety implications, participants who miss the warm up will be unable to take part in class, unless deemed competent to complete a warm up by a Wolanski instructor. The cancellation policy is still applicable.

Q. Anything else to know?

Answer: Use of moisturiser and fake tan can be dangerous. They will cause grip problems and leave behind a residue causing damage to the equipment. This residue hinders grip, making it more difficult to perform moves and affecting safety of everyone at class.

If you do use moisturiser or apply fake tan, make sure you leave at least 48 hours before coming to class to ensure you are able to work safely. There are some products which can be applied closer to your session. Please check with us if you are unsure at all.

Jewellery must to be removed before using any equipment. This is for the safety of you, your spotter(s) and your instructor. Participants are liable for any damage caused to equipment where the safety rules have been ignored.

If you require grip aid products for use in class we recommend the following (please note these should be applied to your body and not the equipment).

Pole Fit –

Dry Hands

Liquid Grip

Mighty Grip

Aerial Fitness

Tough Skin Spray