Each class with your chosen discipline consists of a mandatory warm up, cool down and stretches. We are unable to admit late arrivals in our Aerial Classes for health and safety reasons. We will provide you with a class disclaimer at the beginning of your session. Should you have any additional requirements or would like to ask any questions please feel free to speak to your instructor. 

 For what to wear, avoid, or bring to class, visit our FAQ's page.

Studio Rules & Participant Conduct
We kindly ask all participants to acknowledge and note the following rules in our class. These are for the safe running and management of all members and our instructors. We reserve the right to ask people to leave who do not comply. We can happily state this has never happened before and we all fly together fun; safely and well…

Studio Rules & Participant Conduct

1. No chewing gum – this is a choking hazard especially when one is upside down!

2. No fizzy juice; caffeinated/energy drinks. No food to be consumed at class. Food may be consumed where special permission has been granted prior to the session. For example: a workshop lasting 3 hours. This excludes fast foods and takes aways.

3. No Jewellery to be worn – this damages equipment and is a hazard to personal and other peoples safety. Where you cannot remove jewellery it is your responsibility to cover this up – this is acceptable for pole only – ABSOLUTELY NO JEWELLERY on Silks and other aerial equipment. Belly button rings etc. can become embedded in the fabric and rip out while performing moves. Participants will be liable for replacing any damaged equipment.

4. No recyclable items to be placed in studio bin - please take all waste home with you and keep our studio tidy.

5. No smoking – none of our instructors smoke and operate a zero smoking tolerance at the entrance and surrounding area of the studio. This is a health suite and we tutor many children as well as adults. Please respect those who do not wish to inhale secondary smoke. 
B. Please note if you are a smoker: smoking in general, but also within close time proximity of your class will greatly decrease the efficiency and effectiveness of your session, and can result in the individual being more prone to injury. Smokers should be reported to our instructor on duty. Instructors and participants should not be subject to breathing in cigarette fumes which are on smoker’s clothes. We have some students who are allergic to the smell resulting in sore heads and migraines; please arrive at class smoke free.

6. Zero Drug Use. Anyone who arrives at class under the influence of drugs or alcohol is not permitted use of the equipment. Medical drugs are treated separately however it is important you inform your instructor of any new drugs or present prescription medication that causes drowsiness, or may affect your well-being and that of others on the equipment. We can help you and the emergency services greatly by having this information. Any medical information detailed in your disclaimer or that discussed with your instructor is strictly confidential. Instructors may pass your details onto another instructor if you alternate your class times.

7. Wear suitable clothing as described in our FAQs page.

8. Avoid any body/tanning lotions; moisturisers and oils for at least 48hrs prior to class unless you have obtained products specifically designed for pole and aerial exercise. As you exercise any products applied transfer to the equipment through direct bodily contact and sweating. This makes equipment slippery and more difficult for use. For a list of grip aids we allow in class visit our FAQs page.

Photography & Recordings

We are more than happy for you to take pictures in class but please note images and recordings within our studios are all material and teaching methods supplied by Wolanski’s Pole&Aerial Fitness. If you are using material taken at our classes or events please be sure to tag or credit Wolanski’s Pole&Aerial Fitness. Specific material used on our social media sites and studio content is our copy righted material. Please ask if you are unsure before using.

Use of Mobiles & Internet Devices

We do permit the use of mobiles and internet devices PROVIDED it is for class related use – all devices should be on silent as to not interrupt teaching. Special circumstances will be allowed if awaiting emergency phone calls – please inform your instructor at the beginning of class. Any phone calls should be taken outside.


As with many physical exercise classes, pole and aerial fitness involves physical handling – spotting techniques for you and your working partner’s safety. Crash mats are provided where deemed necessary and must be used if instructed to. Participants are obligated to listen and carry out manoeuvres deemed to be suited to their level and NOT attempt moves which have not been demonstrated by the instructor or those deemed competent by the instructor. Wolanski’s Pole&Aerial Fitness is suited for all levels but is considered a high impact intensive work out.

As you are using equipment constructed with many different fabrics; fibres and materials you should expect some bruising; mild skin abrasion and redness of the skin pending upon what class you are undergoing. We will show you how to carry out moves safely and suited to your ability therefore reducing and keeping any ailments to an extreme minimum. Bruising and redness of the skin will lessen dramatically the more you attend class as your body adapts and becomes resilient to the demand placed upon it.

You should acknowledge and read all of our studio rules and participant conduct.