Aerial Hoop

Class Cost: Pricing starts from £10 for our aerial sessions pending on which class you attend since the duration of each rotates on a weekly basis.  

Week 1 & Week 3 in the month: Thursday 6.30pm - 7.30pm at £10

We offer a discount for those attending the Pole Fitness Session on the same night from 7.30pm - 8.30pm. Combination/Discounted Price: £16

Week 2 & 4: Thursday: 7.15pm - 8.30pm at £12

Private Tutorial: See Instructors - Hire Wolanski’s Instructors Section of Website for Costs.

Aerial Hoop Information: 

Ever wondered what Tweety Pie felt like? No just us? Either way attend our classes and you will find out! The Aerial hoop is a fantastic piece of kit suspended in the air where you can perform many moves and beautiful transitional pieces as a solo participant or with a partner. The Aerial hoop can be used for conditioning as well as learning beats; turns and twists. You can perform moves below the bar, within the Lyra (fancy name for hoop) above the bar and even off the strops. Our aerial hoops are different sizes and rigged at different heights to create a truly unique class tailored to the individual. If that’s not enough we have introduced swivels so you can add more momentum whilst hanging in the air.

Aerial hoop accompanies many of our pole and aerial classes as a fantastic means of cross training, building additional strength and flexibility.

Specific Aerial Hoop Classes
There are as mentioned above different manners how the hoop can be used for fitness. In a typical class you will be guided through a variety. If you have however, a specific aspect that you would like to work on then please inform your instructor at the beginning of class.

Hoop 1-2-1 Class – Your private hoop class can be booked with your choice of instructor. These are suitable for everyone and may be used as an introduction to hoop or as a top up if you are working on something more specific.

Private Group Class – Group private sessions allow you to have an independent class with groups of friends and/or family while spreading the cost. We need a minimum of 6 people to run this session. For numbers below this but more than an individuals’ session contact us for prices.

Lyra Performance – Got the moves down? But your musicality needs work? Lyra performance allows you to create an aerial hoop routine to music, tutoring on floor work as well as your transitional moves. This enables participants to flow more easily from hoop to floor and back up again all to music. We aid competitor entrants as well as tutoring those who wish to piece together a routine for exhibitions and show cases. These sessions are suitable for all levels of participants. Recommended attendance at Lyra class for 12 weeks: or at instructor’s discretion. Participants must be able to lift their own body weight.


As the aerial hoops are rigged above the floor, it is important that an individual understands that they must be able to invert onto the bottom bar in order to be able to perform moves. If you are unsure if you can manage we suggest trying a pole class first since the pole is connected to both the ceiling and the floor – it is essentially a static object. If you are unable to invert at pole there are many other moves you can do until you have built your strength up and can therefore progress to our other aerial arts classes.