Class Cost: £8. Class Length: 1hr 15mins

Private Tutorial: £25. Class Length: 1hr 15mins

Our Acro-balance sessions are introductory to intermediate level training and performance. This involves floor work and application to our aerial apparatus. Acrobalance is the art of adagio and hand balancing techniques. You will learn to base or fly pending on your build and that of the other participants in the room. You must execute a high awareness of your partner/s and surrounding area. Simple trust exercises are included at the beginning of the session to heighten participant awareness and perception.

If you are already well versed on aerial apparatus you can apply your floor Acro-balance skills to the air; creating unique maneuvers with partner/s on many of the static or spinning apparatus. Going a step further you can create beautiful sequences to music of your choice; this is a fun class and helps benefit peoples balance and co-ordination skills along with bone density; conditioning and strengthening of ligaments; muscles and tendons.

As with all of our classes disclaimers; warm-ups and cool downs are all included within the session. You will be responsible for your own safety and also to a high degree that of the other person. Your instructors will be on hand to supervise and spot each maneuver. It is important that you inform us of any previous (and/or) current injuries you may have as this may hinder your ability to execute moves safely.

To find out when the next Acro-balance session is please contact us or sign up to our newsletter to be notified for dates available. Private tutorials are available. Please note we need a minimum of 2 people in order to run the private Acro-balance class.